“I’m free – I’m free
And freedom tastes of reality!
I’m free – I’m free
And I’m waiting for you to follow me!”
~ Pete Townsend


Friday. After eight and a half years…today was my last day working at Corp Bros! Yes, I will remember my time fondly at the original Corp Bros., the one owned by the Seaman family. I will miss my co-workers and some of my customers, however, I will surely not miss TechAir or “kicking steel.” It was a good run with lots of fun. Thank you for everything! Adios to all!


…and so “The Great American Road Trip” begins!

As you can see my Nissan XTerra is packed and ready to roll, storage on the left, bedroll on the right, dirty laundry goes in the blue bin. Got more storage containers on top, a full tool box, two coolers and plenty of room for a passenger should the occasion arise. Bathing will be had at campgrounds, truck stops, local swimming holes, the Great Lakes, waterfalls and the occasional no-tell motel/hotel. Got snorkeling gear, a walking stick and an annotated version of Walden. Got a cast iron grate for cooking on the barbie and a full backpack with gear should I choose to go deep-woods camping. I also have a can of “deterrent” should anything approach too closely that’s larger or meaner than me, along with a can of Fix O’ Flat, trail mix and tushy wipes. There’s more than enough reading material about exploring America for those lazy down times. The camera’s mounted to the tripod and there’s enough digital memory for two thousand pictures. Hhhmmm…? Probably not enough, better get more. There’s four homemade cd’s full of songs that speak of driving, traveling, running, exploring, expanding, escaping, moving, shaking and freedom; Bob Seger has a huge presence in this category. I hope I’ve thought of everything…? Do you have any recommendations?

Follow me!


“I believe in America because we have great dreams — and because we have the opportunity to make those dreams come true.” ~Wendell L. Willkie

And so…this is where our journey starts. This may be my dream but it gives me great joy to share it with you. Enjoy the journey!

As always, if anyone has any suggestions of places I should visit anywhere in the northern half of America, perhaps some obscure gem off the beaten path that only a local would know about, please send me a note and perhaps I’ll visit there in my travels.

First stop, the grate state…uh…the great state of Maine!

I hope you join me!

The gam continues…


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