“Our Nature lies in movement; complete calm is death.” ~ Blaise Pascal

Rowing solo

Saturday we said goodbye to our gracious hosts, Charles and Kate, who made us feel welcome and even took us tubing off the back of their pontoon boat.

Swan Lake house

Jill tubing

We arrived back at my brother’s house in Millbury to discover a bee’s nest beneath the second floor decking. As soon as we traipsed across the deck they became agitated and began to swarm around us. Before I even had a chance to leave the area one of the nasty little critters swooped in and stung me right on the flare of my nostril!
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to get stung on the nose by a bee? I would compare it to getting punched in the nose by Tom Brady while he’s wearing all of his Superbowl rings! It knocked me out of commission for twenty minutes with watery eyes and blinding pain. Icying it for a hour finally relieved it to a dull throb. So…that was a fun way to end our fantastic family outing.

Sunday and Monday I made a pitstop in Rhode Island to re-pack my truck for the long haul and settle up some last minute affairs. I’ve got new tires, new front brakes, a new radiator and an oil change. I paid my taxes, withdrew from the Teamsters union and said my goodbyes to everyone that I could. I also spent some quality time with my amazing, strong and placid ninety-five year-old grandfather who’s always been like a rock, unhindered by the turbulent waves around him.


My next door neighbor gave me a lovely card that read:
“The purpose of life is to celebrate living.”
I couldn’t agree more! I’m ready to kick the celebration into high gear and head on down the road to some new adventure!

Chepatchet Road

Tuesday is here! After having breakfast with my niece Allison and my wonderful mother, it’s time to embark on the real adventure. The Maine portion of the trip is over, now it’s time to head west, flying solo, on the Great American Road Trip! One of my former customers gave me a handmade card that reads: “Spread your wings and fly!” Well, the control tower just radioed and said I’m clear for take-off!

Me at Otter Cliffs

I hope you all celebrate living.

The gam continues…


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