“Where does the family start? It starts with a young man in love with a girl — no superior alternative has yet been found.” ~ Winston Churchill
Friday, after visiting with Amelia Earhart at her childhood home, I drove an hour north where I visited with my friends Chris and Robyn and there newborn son, Isaac. Chris, Treva’s son, is stationed at Offutt Air Force Base, which is just outside of Omaha, Nebraska. It was nice to see them again and to meet Isaac. I stayed Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Most of that time was spent relaxing, writing blogs or just staring at Isaac as he either slept or gazed around at his strange new world.

Me and Chris went into Omaha on Saturday, first to Legends Comics, which is the number-one-rated comic book store in the world according to Comic-Con; they may be right, the store was impressive. After that we went to a place called Old Market. It’s an area filled with brick-covered roads, unique little shops, bars and restaurants. Imaginarium was an awesome store that you could spend a week exploring. It’s filled with antiques, toys, music, and memorabilia of every genre, brand name and category. We ate at a great tavern called Upstream. Chris had jambalaya and a coconut porter while I had meatloaf and a sampler rack of house-made brews; everything was delicious.

Then we found two amazing sculptures called “Pioneer Courage” and “Spirit of Nebraska’s Wilderness”, which are combined to form one massive artwork that is dedicated to those brave individuals who set out on the Oregon Trail. The bronze sculptures are 1.25 times normal size. The incredible artwork begins with a wagon train heading west, which causes a herd of bison to stampede; when the buffalo stampede across the street they flush a flock of Canadian geese; these geese then take flight from their watering hole and fly into the glass bank building across the street. Together, “Pioneer Courage” and “Spirit of Nebraska’s Wilderness” have more than a hundred bronze pieces integrated within the urban environment that spans five city blocks! It is truly remarkable!

Omaha was, I considered, the halfway point of my Great American Road Trip so Sunday and Monday was spent doing laundry, repacking, regrouping, restocking, rejuvenating, relaxing and just enjoying the company of friends — I needed it. I was getting a little road weary, burnt out, whatever you call it after you’ve been driving for four weeks straight, so living in military housing, a very safe place where I could let my guard down and not worry about my truck or my personal safety, was exactly what I needed.
Thank you so much, Chris and Robyn, for everything.

I hope Isaac grows up to have all the great attributes of his parents; and his grandma.

The gam continues…

…Yes! It continues in Volume Two…


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