“Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.” ~ Anatole France


Saturday I awoke from boondocking in Aberdeen, Washington and continued down the Pacific coast toward Oregon. It wasn’t long before I reached the Columbia River, which is the state border between Washington and Oregon.


Remember when I wrote about my visit to the Arch in St. Louis…? Remember how I said they built the Arch in dedication to Lewis & Clark because that was the point in which they began their journey of Thomas Jefferson’s Westward Expansion to find the Pacific Coast…? Those boys, along with Sacagawea, their trusted female Indian guide and a few dozen other men, followed the Missouri River, the Yellowstone and then the Columbia River for thirty months until they finally found the Pacific Ocean. Well, this is the point where the Columbia River dumps into the sea and this is where they would’ve had their first glimpse of the mighty Pacific Ocean. Behold!

I submit that the Oregon coast hasn’t changed much since Lewis & Clark first stood there in awe of its pristine beauty. The rugged natural landscape has been left mostly untouched by man. So much natural beauty made it difficult to edit the hundreds of photographs I took as I followed the coastline. Here’s a sampling…

This guy was interesting to watch as he skimmed across the surf…

And then more scenic vistas…


I hope you have a lot of Love Monkeys in your life.


The gam continues…


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