“Golden bridge, silver bridge or diamond bridge; it doesn’t matter! As long as the bridge takes you across the other side, it is a good bridge!”
~ Mehmet Murat ildan


Monday morning I awoke at a Clarion Hotel in Eureka, California. It was day forty-nine on this Great American Road Trip and I would reach the Golden Gate Bridge! What a coincidence… Day 49 of my trip and I’m in the land of the 49er’s!

I’ve been to the city of San Francisco a few times before and I will again while I’m living here on the west coast so on this day I just visited Golden Gate State Park and saved the “city blog” for a future date.

Hawk's Hill behind the bridge.

Hawk Hill behind the bridge.

The parking in Golden Gate National Recreation Area, which is across the strait from San Francisco, is limited and always a challenge, patience is required but, with persistence, you’ll be rewarded with a panoramic view from 923 feet atop Hawk Hill.

In the distance you can distinguish the island prison of Alcatraz, the Bay Bridge that reaches across to Oakland, the unique architecture of the Transamerica Tower, the Presidio and the bustling waterfront. In the forefront is, obviously, the Golden Gate Bridge, which was recently voted as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

There was a guy up on Hawk Hill with a drone, which is illegal in state parks, or so he thought. He probably got some awesome video from up there…until the ranger arrived and he put the drone away.


View from the opposite side…

Assault chopper flying under the bridge

Assault chopper flying under the bridge


An hour south of the bridge, still on Route 1, I stopped for dinner and a pint at this limey’s establishment…

I hope you have the courage to cross the bridge to your dreams.

The gam continues…


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