“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.”
~ a fortune cookie


Gam…? Many people have asked what the word gam means…

It is an Eastern New England nautical term, probably derived from Nantucket whalemen in the 17th century, to describe a social meeting, visit, or the like, between whaling vessels at sea where they would exchange mail, goods, nautical coordinates and, of course, stories.

For me, American Gam is American Story, a story that I am happy to share with you. You can read the stories, peruse the pictures and, if you wish, you may “gam” with me in the comments section.

Please feel free to suggest any place you think I should visit as I wander aimlessly across the country. I’m going to try to travel the bi-ways, not the hi-ways, so that I may discover hidden gems, local diners, out-of-the-way oddities and meet the great people of America.

I hope you enjoy the gam!

The gam continues…

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