“He was gentle and kind, thoughtful, caring, considerate, practical and productive. A true gentleman at all times, and was the only person in the world I could describe as Stoic.” ~ Cat Dugdale

Grumps 13

Monday finds me packing up my ol’ mule and polishing up my saddle to, once again, start out on the Great American Road Trip. Me and my family said our final goodbye’s to Grumps, our family’s patriarch. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Thank you Treva for flying-in to be by my side. Then we all, once again, said our goodbye’s to each other. I love you all!

Grumps 11

Celebrating the life of my grandfather has refueled my soul, reminding me to treasure every moment and enjoy life to the fullest, to have an additude of gratitude and appreciate everything positive in this world. I am grateful that I had an awesome grandfather, that we had the pleasure of being next door neighbors for most of the last decade, that he shared many great stories with me and that we had a nice, final day together with a heartfelt goodbye.


Me, my mother and Allison stopped to have breakfast on the day I was supposed to leave last week for our final meal together at a great place called T’s, which is co-owned by a local artist. Great food, great artwork and this sign: Gratitude…was over the doorway. That’s what we should all have more of…gratitude…for every precious moment. By the way…my final meal on that day was a BLT — that’s a Bacon, Lobster and Tomato Sandwich! YUM!


So, now, I’m gonna kick this ol’ mule in the tail and git’ on down the road! The Great American Road Trip continues with my grandfather’s spirit riding shotgun!
“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more…”

Truck 1

I hope your life is filled to the brim with gratitude!

The gam continues…

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