“It is with our passions as it is with fire and water, they are good servants, but bad masters.” ~ Aesop


Saturday, after everyone had gathered to say one final farewell to my beloved grandfather, Treva and I decided to go enjoy a peaceful evening at Waterfire. As part exercise for my Great American Road Trip, I tried to look at this hometown event with new eyes, as if I were a tourist visiting for the first time. If you’ve never been to Waterfire in Providence then you should make an effort to attend this event some Saturday summer evening, it really is something special.

These colorful tiles are in a tunnel adjacent to Waterplace Park. Each tile was hand painted, mostly by children and dedicated to the memory of 9/11.

These are all “living statues.”

Gondola at Waterfire.

There’s gondolas, like the one’s in Venice, Italy, that you may ride, for a fee. If your lucky, your gondola poler will stop under one of the cement arched bridges and sing you a love song in perfect Italian.

Some buildings surrounding Waterplace Park.

Waterfire, considered an “art installation”, has been burning its braziers on the river for over two decades. It’s a pleasant combination of heat from the fires, earthy aromas from the burning applewood and the ethereal piped-in music that echoes throughout the river and the city. There’s also food and drink, occasional live music, dance shows and dance floors, magicians, etc. The feel of Waterfire is more of an artsy flavor and not so much a carnival atmosphere. The best part of Waterfire is the people who will come in droves, at times making the riverbank somewhat congested, but the joy is that they are such a diverse group of happy, positive people. Waterfire is a “must see” for anyone visiting Providence. (Waterfire.org)

I hope you wish upon a star!

The gam continues…


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