“I am defeated, and know it, if I meet any human being from whom I find myself unable to learn anything.” ~ George Herbert Palmer


Friday my goal was to reach Dayton, Ohio and tour the United States Air Force Museum. I was hoping to go on a weekday to avoid the Saturday crowds. First I had to swing through Newark, Ohio to a place I’d been once before but I wanted you all to see this amazing piece of architecture.
Behold…the Basket Building!
It’s the headquarters of the Longaberger Basket Company. I saw it a couple of years ago when my mother and I embarked on another Great American Road Trip to Del Rio, Texas and back. I discovered it at the website: Roadside America, which list, state by state, all of the neat and unusual sights to be seen on the highways and byways of America.

After snapping these pictures, I headed toward Dayton. I was following State Road 22, determined to avoid the highway, when I passed through, what I thought was just a little Podunk town. It turns out I was in Lancaster, Ohio!

I was sitting at a red light when I looked over and saw an empty parking space right in front of the Ale House 1890.

“Bernie” also told me that Mt. Pleasant was in the neighborhood behind the building and there was a hiking trail that, if you climbed it, you could see the whole town from its summit. Now, I’ve climbed the 6,000 foot Mount Washington up in New Hampshire in twelve hours time, so when I asked “Bernie” how long it would take to climb Mt. Pleasant she said…twelve minutes. I’m not sure that should be classified as a mountain…?
When “Bernie” finished her lunch break another bartender, Angela (aka: “Fergie”) sat in the same spot and told me more about the history of the building, the area and her dreams of traveling the world with her daughter.

Angela aka "Fergie"

Angela aka “Fergie”

After leaving the pub, I wandered down the main street to discover the home of General William Tecumseh Sherman was only a few buildings away! This was his hometown! Unfortunately, I missed my chance to tour his house by just a few short minutes.

William Tecumseh Sherman’s home…
…the great military strategist…
…now a museum on Main Street…

There also seemed to be a bustling art scene in this town…

With the town closing up, I took some pictures then jumped in my portable hotel, the “XTerra Grand” and proceeded to embark on the perilous ascent of Mt. Pleasant. I needed the exercise, my body getting stiff from all the driving, so even a short climb was welcome and, after it was over, was rather enjoyable.

After that, I drove another hour before finding a suitable Wal*mart to call home.
I never did make it to the Air Force Museum. Perhaps tomorrow…?

But I did find a great, little treasure of a town in Middle America and met a couple of nice people along the way.

The end of a surprisingly pleasant day.

The end of a surprisingly pleasant day.

I hope you have a chance to visit this charming, little town.

The gam continues…


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