“I have never found a companion so companionable as solitude.”
~ Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday morning I awoke in the Gros Ventre Wilderness, which is a national forest in Wyoming. Far below the campsite the Snake River cut through the rugged canyon with a relentless pace. The evening sun was now sliding down behind the Grand Tetons and falling off the world…
The Tetons, off in the distance, waited to be kissed by the morning star.
I could almost here heavenly trumpets sounding when the sun made it’s grand morning entrance!

My friend Tommy taught me that the best time to shoot photography or to see wildlife, or both, is in the early morning or in the early evening when the sun creates richer colors and deeper shadows and when there’s less humans around to disturb the animals. I exited the national forest and waded back into the national park with hopes of seeing deer, bear, elk, moose, tatanka or any other four-legged creatures I could see in the light of the morning sun. I was not disappointed…

Teton Park Road is a scenic drive that brings you in closer to the foot of the mountains and to the lakes that rest between their toes.



I hope…

you escape urban life and city strife
with friend, husband or wife
to the country life

to share
and breathe the air
without a care

to watch the magpie
soaring up high
where the mountains touch the sky

and delight in their flight
at first light
as the new dawn ignites

and the lakes that glisten
after the fog has arisen
then you can stop and listen

to the breeze
through the trees
and the hum of the bees

as they’re honeycombing
and bison are roaming
from dawn until gloaming

and the trickle of a stream
all just part of Nature’s scheme
though it seems like a dream

at the dawn of Spring
when brooks are babbling
like a great awakening

or in the ponds of Summer
where the beaver, Nature’s plumber
builds a dam from chiseled lumber

who’s clamor echoes into Fall
through the verdant forest tall
vibrant foliage colors enthrall

until the first snows of Winter
when the air gets crisper
Nature calls you with a whisper

so as the seasons pass
and you walk among the grass
that no beauty can surpass

just let Nature reveal
and allow your soul to feel
then your mind will heal

’cause rhyming words aside
it’s the Nature outside
that helps our nature inside.

~ a W.A.Reynolds “Wrap”

The gam continues…


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