“A good holiday is one spent among other people whose notions of time are vaguer than yours.” ~ J. B. Priestley

Saturday we drove north over the Mackinaw Bridge to visit the natural beauty of Tahquamenon Falls, which is pronounced like “phenomenon.” On the way there we had to travel through Paradise. No, really! It’s a little town called Paradise!

We stopped at Little Falls Restaurant, which you can see attracts some interesting characters. I had the Whitefish Sandwich…since we were next to Whitefish Bay. When in Rome… It was very tasty, as were the fries, coleslaw and the blueberry pie I had for dessert. It was all good home-cooked food.

After that we found the falls. There’s two sections of the falls: the Lower Falls is a series of five smaller falls all cascading together; the Upper Falls is one large waterfall. Someone told us that when these Upper Falls freeze, which apparently they do every year, very daring individuals go ice climbing here. We went to the Upper Falls and had to buy a pass to enter; I think we paid eight dollars, which also gets you into the Lower Falls and a few other natural sights on the Upper Peninsula for the day. It’s an easy hike to see the Upper Falls and there are flights of stairs that will take you down closer to the river. If you want a good day’s hike there’s an eight-mile round trip trail between the Upper and Lower Falls.

We tried to go to the Lower Falls but by that time of the afternoon on a Saturday it was jammed with tourists, so we drove north to the tip of the peninsula. Up there you’ll find a lighthouse, a shipwreck museum and a beach on the shore of Lake Superior where rocks get tumbled round and driftwood from Canada washes ashore. Stepping into the water of Lake Superior completed the surreal opportunity of touching the water of all five Great Lakes!

On the way back we stopped in Paradise again intending to get some ice cream from a little shop we saw in town. We arrived there at 4:15 and as you can read the note in the window, we were met with disappointment.

At the ice cream shop

At the ice cream shop

So…we went back to my campsite and drank some beers with our newlywed neighbors from Toledo, Ohio.

I hope you rejoice when you see clouds while others complain about the sun.

The gam continues…


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