“There is no place to go, and so we travel! You and I, and what for, just to imagine that we could go somewhere else.” ~ Edward Dahlberg
Thursday I awoke at the same KOA in Crawfordsville, Indiana having made a circular tour around Parke County. I was done going west for awhile and I was done driving around the cornfield-clustered countryside of Indiana singing the “Smalltown” heartland refrains of John Mellencamp, so I took a right hand turn and headed north to Michigan. Before leaving this state I happened upon the small town of…Reynolds, Indiana!

I also stopped for a few pictures in South Bend, Indiana where they built a “fish ladder” to help trout and salmon make their way upstream to spawn.

Now, ’cause I’m a “Travelin’ Man”, it was time to “Turn The Page” and “Roll Me Away” driving “Against The Wind” around the cherry tree-clustered countryside of Michigan singing the bluesy, “Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll” refrains of Bob Seger.

Last week, which seems like a lifetime ago, in Lancaster, Ohio, I met “Bernie” at the Ale House 1890. She recommended, if I passed through Grand Rapids, Michigan, that I stop at a “gastropub” called “The Winchester.” So after driving north for a couple of hours, after passing through the not-so-grand Kalamazoo, Michigan, I found the pub. The atmosphere was open and cheerful, the interior full of warm, wood tones and the bartender was friendly. He recommended the French Dip sandwich, which I had and it was…average. The bartender, some of the patrons and one beer distributor started naming places I should visit when I reach the “U.P.” (Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.) They mentioned touristy areas, natural sites and a bunch of bars along the way that I said I would try to locate. I can see why “Bernie” liked this pub, you could tell that it would be a fun place to hang out with your friends on a Friday night; it has a fun vibe.

After that I rolled through the town of Charlevoix, which lined its Main Street for miles with these beautiful flowers and other colorful characters.


I “boondocked” in Traverse City.

Friday I continued north until I found the Traverse City Airport. I went there to pick up Treva, who flew up from San Diego to spend the weekend with me camping and exploring northern Michigan. We stayed at a KOA Kampground that we’d booked for the next two nights. It’s in a nice location just a mile from the touristy town of Mackinaw City and the Mackinaw Bridge that takes you over to the Upper Peninsula and Canada, if you so desire. They have a somewhat heated pool and showers and electricity and a little store and all the other amenities you might hope for at a campground.

After setting up camp we went into town for a bite to eat. We found Dixie’s Saloon, which is right next to the ferry boats that will take you over to Mackinack Island; the only modes of transportation on Mackinack Island are bicycles, horses, horse-drawn carriages and feet. At Dixie’s I had a very good “Mile High Meatloaf” and a Blue Moon, then we walked around and took pictures of the touristy stuff before heading back to crawl into the tent.

I hope…you’re enjoying this gam.

The gam continues…

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