“Our days are identical suitcases — all the same size — but some people can pack more into them than others.” ~ Unknown
Sunday we had to retreat back into Lower Michigan having found out that we missed traveling through the Tunnel of Trees and to get back to Traverse City Airport. Along the western coastline, between Harbor Springs and Wilderness State Park runs Michigan State Road M-119, a twenty-mile stretch of pavement that follows the coastline and traverses on a narrow, winding road through…you guessed it…a Tunnel of Trees!

After driving through the trees we went back through the flower-lined streets of Charlevoix. This time we got stuck at the drawbridge as it opened its gaping maw for a ferry and a few tall sailboats. Sitting there we noticed a nice restaurant, The Weathervane, and so decided to park and eat rather than sit in traffic. We were given a nice table on the outside deck. A very cheerful waitress named Caitlin brought us sandwiches of sliced-thin prime rib and pesto mayonnaise with homemade potato chips and a pop. (In this part of the country they call soda a “pop.”) It was all delicious and Charlevoix is a pretty town.

After lunch I drove Treva back to Traverse City Airport and said, “Goodbye.”


Thank you for flying up and spending a wonderful weekend with me.

I didn’t feel like driving back to Mackinaw today so I traveled a half hour northward and “boondocked” in the city of Patoskey.

I hope you see success where others see failure.

The gam continues…


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