“Enjoy here while you’re here ’cause there’s no here there.” ~ Unknown
Monday I drove back through the Tunnel of Trees, back through Mackinaw City and stopped at the base of Mackinaw Bridge to take a few more pictures from that perspective.

Afterwards, I went north over the bridge and then, this time, I took a left turn and headed west. It was a day of mostly driving in the rain, though I did stop to buy a “pastie” (pronounced “pass tee”), which is like a flaky, doughy calzone filled with diced beef, pork, rutabaga, onion, potato and carrots. They are very popular up here in the Upper Peninsula. I found it rather plain and had to put ketchup on it for flavoring, but it was piping hot and would probably be great on cold and dreary winter’s day.

After that I found a great campsite where I could back my truck right up to the edge of the beach and where I went for a rainy swim in icy Lake Michigan. Very invigorating! For the rest of the evening I reclined in the back of my truck, tucked into my cozy sleeping bag, staring out the back hatchway through the chilly rain at the fresh water ocean and appreciated every sweet moment.

At some point, before I succumbed to the sleepy symphony of the waves, I got the news that Robin Williams had died.

I hope he is at peace.

The gam continues…


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