“Only a biker knows why a dog sticks his head out of a car window.” ~ Unknown
Wednesday I awoke in Northwest Milwaukee having secured a hotel room the night before at the Hampton Inn on Lover’s Lane. The swimming pool, hot tub and breakfast were good, but the room, the building, the neighborhood were…unpleasant. I wouldn’t stay there again.
The Harley-Davidson Museum opened at nine, I arrived at ten and there was more than enough parking right in their front lot. I paid the eighteen dollar entrance fee and proceeded into the two-floor museum. As a tourist and a lover of history I enjoyed this museum; I suspect, if I were a motorcycle enthusiast or a Harley owner, this place would be the exact center of the universe and coming here would be like finding the Holy Grail.
I took over two hundred pictures, here are 1/4 of them:

I hope you have the opportunity to feel the sun on your back, your fist in the wind and your knees in the breeze.

The gam continues…


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