“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
~ Saint Augustine
Sunday I awoke and headed due west to Buffalo, WY for gas and supplies.
At a gas station a gentleman came in asking the cashier for a particular tool to fix his camper; they didn’t have the tool. I was traveling with a full tool box and an empty agenda and so offered them whatever they needed. It took an hour or two but Greg and Gene from South Dakota finally got their rig back on the road. As I mentioned on a previous page it’s the good people that I met along the way that I will remember most when I reflect back on this journey.
At the local Visitor’s Center they had this great sculpture…

Stephané, my Canadian friend who I met in the Badlands Wilderness, who had a Tatanka in his tent site, who has a thick French-Canadian accent, suggested that I see “Be Gone” National Forest. Well, I’d never heard of “Be Gone” National Forest. I asked asked him to repeat the name a few times. Be Gone. Be Gone. Be Gone. Focusing on his words I finally realized what he was saying! He was saying, “Big Horn! Don’t miss Big Horn National Forest!” In my research of national parks and other locations to visit across the country the Bighorn National Forest never came up on my radar. Stephané said it was worth seeing so I promised I would make every effort to go there and so I did. He was correct. The Bighorn National Forest, located in northern Wyoming, consists of over one million acres of beautiful landscape…

I hope you read many pages of this beautiful world.

The gam continues…


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